Life is Delicious!

Enjoy getting older! It can be fun!


IMG_7131I’m excited that you came to visit!  Let’s talk!

This site imagines that Being Older Is Being Bolder! It is about admiring and encouraging our treasured older people and being abundantly grateful for the wonderful younger people who care about them!

It is about defining our lives in fresh ways as we age!  It is about inspiring each other to live our lives with the same vibrant energy and enthusiasm we had in our youth!  Why?  It’s time to be bolder so that we can take greater pleasure in the life we have right now and the spectacular blessings still ahead of us!  We’re not done!  We’re moving on to new happenings!

Let’s …

enjoy the exceedingly abundant life we’ve been given because it is more than we ever could think of or ask for.


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